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number one in the bookstores last christmas and it is the story of redemption, the fictionalized story of my life. it will be in theaters december 3, an incredible lifestyle changes that we would love to tell you about. good night. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute^ bret: next on "special report" president obama visits china, hoping to nudge them toward more openness, while abandoning hopes on a global warming treaty, and the state of illinois bids to provide a home for guantanomo bee tainees and we have more news on the fort hood shooter and a radical muslim cleric, and the brewing confrontation between the senate and white house over medicare cuts in healthcare reform. all that, plus brit hume's analysis and the fox all-stars, right here, right now.
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welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. it is tuesday morning in china where president obama will pr participate in a second day of talks with president tao. chine that is the most populace nation in the world and america's largest creditor , leading president obama to tread carefully to his first trip to the region while in office. major garrett is traveling with the president. >> president obama arrived in beijing to the red carpet trappings of a state visit. his first stop had the look of a campaign town hall, emphasis on look. the president prevailed upon the chinese to allow a question and answer session with university students in and around the coastal city of shanghai. the commercial embodiment of the nation's economic openness. >> i'm looking forward to this chance to have a dialogue. >> his asian odyssey began with low expectations designed to minimize the appearance of policy setbacks. that strategy sphail failed as
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the president and world leaders gathered in singapore and agreed to abandon hopes for the global treaty next month and he joined a climate change breakfast where the niewvment leader of the climate changes announced that another round of talks would be necessary next year, because so little had been achieved on limiting greenhouse gases. the reverberations are already felt in china as the pressure is off of the u.s. and others trying to lean on beijing to take tougher steps to reduce its greenhouse gas pollution, second only to the u.s. in the world. >> >> sift of the eight questions from the students were laudatory softballs or reformulations of government policy on topics like taiwan, culture exchanges and u.s.-china cooperation. these reflected china's tight control over the event, but one question read by u.s. am ambassador john huntsman broke the mold. the white house insisted it was authentic and not pre-screened. >> do you know of the fire
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wall? >> that's a reference to the great fire wall of china, communist blocking of social networking sites like facebook and twitter in a land of 350 million web users an 60 million bloggers. >> >> and second, should we be able to use twitter freely? >> mr. obama claimed criticism keeps him grounded. >> it makes me a better leader, because it forces me to hear opinions that i don't want to hear. >> but the president confessed he hasn't used twitter and doesn't text, confining himself to e-mails on his encrypted blackberry but he said china should pull the fire walls plug. the >> the more freely information flows, the stronger the society becomes. because then citizens of countries around the world can hold their own government's accountable. >> as if to prove that the appearance of that town hall bore no resemblance to life as
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it is actually lived in china, chinese authorities have run up dozens of pro-rights dissidents and human rights activists subjecting them to in-house detention or detention in government-on hostels. human rights activists call this a disturbing part of chinese government and have asked the president to speak out forcefully on this during his visit with chinese officials. bret: on the economy, the president talks about an end to the boom and bust economic cycle, but it sounds like the chinese are criticizing just that. >> that's right. hours before the president arrived here, china's chief bank regulator. you don't need to know his name, but he is the top official dealing with currency, he says the united states' artificially low interest rates are creating a bust and boom cycle of speculation in commodities like gold and oil and stocks like oil and real estate, undermining the economic recovery, because the chinese know that president obama will criticize them for having
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artificially low currency, and the president talks about economics not being a zero sum game, some in china believe that it very well might be. bret. bret: major garrett live tuesday morning in beijing. we will discuss the president's trip to china later plus brit hume looks at the fallout from the president's weekend bow to the japanese emporer, but first retail sales rose 1.4% in october. that was better than experts predicted. stocks today had a big day. the dow was up 136 1/2. the s&p 500 gained almost 16. nasdaq finished 30 ahead. general motors says it lost $1.2 billion from the time it left bankruptcy protection through september 30. that was a better result than in previous quarters. g.m. says it will begin paying back $6.7 billion in government loans by the end of this year, and could pay off the entire loan by next year. money is also at the root of an effort by some in the state of illinois to become the new
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home to terror suspects currently housed at guantanomo bay, cuba, but as national correspondent catherine herridge or thes, not even the prospect of an economic surge is enough to convince some that's a good idea. >> right out of the gate as federal officials of the bureau of prisons began a visible visit to a publicized site for guantanomo detainees, some illinois lawmakers are saying no. >> we don't want to give rights to terrorists. that's the reason gitmo bay was set up in the first place. >> i would say we have become the laughingstock of the nation, because of our corruption, and now we're going to be the dumping ground for dangerous criminals, and why? because we need money. >> it is the economic benefits, the creation of hundreds of jobs in the town of 500, which is the main selling point for those democratic officials who support the transfer. >> so president obama has given us this opportunity, and it's an opportunity we should
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seize and i hope we're successful in this competition. >> we're not going to have a bunch of naysaying congressmen who are fearful lead us astray. >> the site tour of the correctional facility 150 west of chicago in the president's home state is one of many being made by the administration as it looks for alternatives to the military camps in cuba. before the self-imposed january deadline. earlier this year, a site tour was done at military brig in charleston, south carolina, and this prison in standish, michigan was also und are review. a defense department spokesman says no decision has been made. some of those who oversaw the detainee issue in defense critical what they call a meek approach. >> they didn't allow people to view any prisons in person until well after the summer, which shows me that they were gun-shy to get out there and roll up their sleeves a understand do the hard work
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they need to do. >> the politics of the highest profile transfer, that of the five alleged conspirators in the 9/11 case to a new york federal court played out on the sunday talk shows. >> it would seem to me what the obama administration is telling us loud and clear that both in substance and reality, the war on terror from their point of view is over. >> senior democrats were equally forceful. >> we're the most powerful nation on earth. we have a judicial system that is the envy of the world. let's show the world that we can use our power. >> earlier today, this one-page document was filed with the military critic of the guantanomo bay saying the justice department is taking over the prosecution of the conspirators, coming 18 months after the men were first charged in the military court and you for sands of documents have been filed sense and now it will begin all over again. bret: thank you, craghts inax radical cleric in contact with the man charged in the fort
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hood killings said they were acceptable because the attack was on a military military target.steve centanni joins wits more on this extremist add sigh zor and the suspect. >> yes, this radical cleric considered this gunman a confidante. this is a cleric who acknowledged he correspond by e-mail with major hasan, but insists he never ordered hasan or ordered hasan into attacking americans. he once attended the same mosque as hasan, and he spoke to a yemoni journalist and that is reported by "the washington post." he said he did nothing to encourage hasan but did say what the army sigh psychiatrist did was permissible under islam as a permissible jihad. hasan sent a dozen e-mails but the cleric only responded to a few of them. after november 5, he was
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hailed as a hero and investigators who knew about the e-mails are now under investigation themselves. we expect the army to soon announce an independent investigating panel with both military and civilian members, and congress also has questions it wants answered. a closed-door hearing was supposed to take place this afternoon, but that was postponed at the request of the obama administration, which was apparently trying to limit the amount of publicity and speculation surrounding hasan. defense secretary gates was visibly irritated by a rash of leaks surrounding the investigation, telling a group of reporters friday, anyone privy to the case should just shut up. and the president said this about congress in his taped weekly address. >> i know there will also be inquiries by congress, and there shouldn't, but all of us should resist turning this into a political theater that dominates washington. the stakes are fracture too high. >> the president said we need to examine what steps should
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have been taken to avert this tragedy and said we need to evaluate and address any flaws in the system. bret: steve, thank you. well, sarah palin in his ore words coming to a bookstore in a matter of a few hours and in three minutes, president obama got help for more help in afghanistan three weeks ago. brit hume on what is taking so long. thyo g teasthhenscepa cseen hth g tls.. edave $4 y us ♪
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bret: as we just showed you, the president is in asia but much of the country's focus remains on afghanistan. senior analyst brit hume has special thoughts on that. >> hello, bret. the first question robert gibbs was asked by reporters as airs force one winged toward asia the other day was about afghanistan. small wonder. it has been two and a half months since the president was asked for more troops by the general he sent there to fight what mr. obama says is a necessary war. after weeks of deliberations
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and white house meetings, the president, it seems, is not satisfied with his options, finding they lack, among other things, exit ramps. that's the trouble with wars. they don't usually come with exit ramps. they have to be seen through. there are no guarantees of victory. that's why committing troops to war is the hardest call a president has to make, but you would have never have known that to listen to candidate obama last year or president obama earlier this year. in march he said he completed a thorough review of afghan policies am talked to the new players announce add new strategy whose goal was to reverse the talibans games and create a more capable afghan government. the speech outlined all the difficulties including the corruption of that government. indeed, that speech could be given today, so little has the situation changed. indeed, the only thing that has changed is his request for more troops requiring therefore a deeper commitment. well to the presidency, mr. obama. bret. bret: one image, brit, that has gotten a lot of attention
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was the president's greeting of the japanese emporer, and here you see it in a 90-degree angle there to the bow, any thought to that. >> i suppose it is better than troe throwing up on the prime minister which is what the first pez bush did on the trip to tokyo. it is hard to see an upside. when the president met queen elizabeth he didn't bow to her. she is, of course, the queen of the country with which we have a special relationship. she didn't bow to her. instead he bowed to the king of saudi arabia and the emporer of japan. it is a little peck peculiar and i haven't heard an explanation. the white house denied he bowed to the king of saudi arabia. they don't seem to be denying this. i would like to hear what good it is suppose to do. bret: all right, brit, thanks. americans continue to be about evenly split on healthcare reform, with 43% opposing the current mans and 41% favoring them. the latest associated press polls thaw you see here.
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the lack of broad public support is one of the problems facing the top democrat as he prepares to unsail his plan. jim angle looks at some of the others. >> harry reid is continuing his push for a health bill in hopes of getting it on the floor this year. the republican senate leader says whatever bill reid produces deserves a closer look. tau has been in his office 6 weeks and the other 99 senators have not seen it. we ought to have as much time for the other 99 senators and all of the american people to take a look at this bill as majority leader reid has had. >> there are now troubling questions about the financing of healthcare reform, the house bill, which speaker pelosi barely managed to pass and the senate bills rely on hundreds of billions in cuts to medicare to keep reform deficit neutral. the president, however, and even the first lady made clear pledges on both medicare and reducing costs. >> health insurance reform will not endanger medicare.
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it will make medicare more stable and more secure. >> bring down the cost of healthcare for families, businesses, and our government while strengthening the financial health of medicare. >> but the chief actuary for the centers of medicaid and medicare has issued an analysis that says the house bill breaks both pledges. first, the or the says reductions in medicare spending would lower payments to doctors an hopths and that they might end their participation in the program, possibly jeopardizing access to care for beneficiaries. just what the republicans had been arguing. >> the administration's own actuary has said it will actually drive the cost of healthcare up, and that it will hurt seniors. they still want to go to it, then we will have the debate. >> the study found the house bill would not lower healthcare spending overall, but instead, national expenditures would increase by $289 billion, not what the president had insisted upon.
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meanwhile, abortion rights advocates were out in force today, also accusing democratic leaders of breaking promises by accepting restrictions on abortions. >> we were promised time and again that no one would lose existing coverage under healthcare reform. >> it would be better to dump this entire bill than to allow it to become law with these noxious provisions intact. >> and one other complication, the house is set to check out the so-called doctor fix in medicaid that will cost $210 billion. by law, seniors have to cougher a fourth of that, meaning they will be paying $50 billion more in premiums over the next ten years. bret. bret: should be an interesting week. thanks, jim. senator democrats say they will try to pass a climate change bill, but not until next spring. massachusetts senator john kerry says this is no specific timetable, but that the global warming bill will be addressed after healthcare reform and financial regulation are taken care of. >> well, you're going to be
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bret: in world headlines, gunmen wearing army iraqi uniforms abducted 13 people near baghdad in what is believed to be revenge against sunnies who fought al qaeda. at least two people died when a car bomb exploded in a crowded marketplace in norther kirkuk. a market attack north east of kabul, afghanistan left a dozen dead there. meantime, afghan government officials today announced a new anti-corruption unit and a major kime fighting force.u.s. d afghan leaders to rein in bribery in government.
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an official at the u.n. nuclear agency says it believes iran will start enriching uranium at a previously secret facility in 2011. it is thought that the plant near the city of qom could house 3,000 centrifuges. the numplets is expressing worries that they may have other sites this very not disclosed. in honduras, a political cite crisis that was thought to be overrer is very much alive. wendell goler has that story. >> two weeks after the state department brokered a deal to share the power struggle, it appears the deal has not been done. >> we have senior officials involved in trying to get the two sides to -- not ting a agree but to do something they have already agreed to. >> the government has backed away from a unity government because there is no guarantee it would elect him to pow are before his term expires in january. >> i do not accept any
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agreements that would return me for the presidency of the republic as a way to cover up the coup d'etat. >> he was overthrown in june over what the supreme court said was an illegal attempt to change the constitution to allow him to run for re-election. latin american experts say zelaya was trying to set up a dictatorship. >> i believe that his intentions were to for loaf in the path of hugo chavez, to follow in the path of daniel ortega. >> zelaya has taken refuge in the brazilian embassy. saturday, zelaya was publicly reading a letter to president obama, the second he sent to u.s. officials since the state department announced we would recognize the winner of the presidential election at the end of the month, even if zelaya isn't returned to power beforehand. massachusetts senator john kerry says the state department, quote, caused the collapse of an accord it helped negotiate. opposition to zelaya's removal has divided liberals from prague prague pragmatists and the u.s. from the rest of the organization of american
6:26 pm
states which may refuse to recognize the elections at the end of the month. anti-american leaders like chavez is supporting the current government, but in this case, it may be the lesser evils. >> the key thing for the obama administration is to focus on the elections and to as swiftly as possible recognize the winner, work with that winner to try to develop a reconciliation process in honduras. >> senator kerry's aides say zelaya's aides to subvert his country's constitution and subsequent ouster are two separate issues, the latter more serious than the first, but walter says because honduras' constitution has no impeachment clause, forcibly removing zelaya was the only option. bret: wendell, thank you. two government agencies cannot get onto same page when it comes to securing the southern border of the u.s. and the chinese government tries to sensor a member of the american media over a certain souvenir. ññ?y@?
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bret: and now fresh pickings from the political grapevine. homeland security janet napolitano says the border with mexico is more secure and it is time to change immigration law. napolitano says the obama administration has completed the construction of 600 miles of border fence but critics say the fencing is inadequate and incomplete.
6:31 pm
others worry environmental laws are blocking construction of parts of the virtual fence of electronic surveillance, and could create areas where border patrol agents can not easily track illegal immigrants. "the washington times" reports the national parks service has tried to stop the border patrol from placing some surveillance towers on wilderness lands in parks along the border. some agents have been required to pursue suspected illegals on horseback or even on foot in order to avoid disturbing protected lands. the government account bill accountability office blames environmental rules as part of the rules for completing the virtual fence until at least 2016. napolitano says cracking down on illegal immigration actually helps the environment since illegal crossovers lead to damaged lands. updating a story we brought you friday about obama-related souvenirs in china. a cn-n correspondent was detained by authorities in shanghai for two hours sunday after holding up a t-shirt depicting president obama dressed in a red rarm my
6:32 pm
uniform. when emily chang held up the shirt during a live report she was approached by two chinese guards. chang says they scrambled toward us and tried to pry the shirt out of my hands. i didn't give in. there was quite a scuffle. she goes on to say "they wanted our press cards, our passports, but most of all, they wanted the shirt." the obama mao shirts an trinkets had been sots souvenirs for months but were banned ahead of the president's visit. finally, venezuela leader shug go chavez is going to war with the clouds, joining a team of cuban scientists in hopes of bombing clouds to create rain to ease his country's severe drought, saying, quote, "i'm going in a plane. any cloud that crosses me, i'll zap it so it rains." his government has been criticized for poor planning during the drought. venezuela has imposed strict water and electricity rationing across the country r chavez' planned cloud bomb
6:33 pm
something feeding clouds with chemicals to produce rain. one meteorologists says, quote, tinkering with the weather is fraught with peril. " well, she is loved by many and mocked by many others but sarah palin is ignored by very few. palin is pushing a new book that hits stores tuesday with a publicity tour that began today. on one of the most popular interview shows on television, carl carl cameron has the story r >> she's back and on "oprah," and on the eave of her book tour downplaying her run for president in 2012 saying "i'm concentrating on 2010 and making sure we have issues tackled as americans to make sure we're on the right road." oprah asked "would you tell me if you were thinking about it?" and palin said "no, i wouldn't." joe biden said he wouldn't comment on her qualifications to be the republican nominee or not but says he likes her and admires her. >> she is a phenomenon.
6:34 pm
you know, she is a real celebrity. i wish her well, and i really mean that. i wish her well and i wish her family well. >> growing number of political strategists openly doubt she will run, palin is the g.o.p.'s 2008 vice presidential nominee and would be an instant factor. in the latest "washington post"/abc news poll 60% overall say she is not qualified to be commander in chief and 62% see her in unfavorable terms but among republicans her favorability rating sky skyrockets to 76%, enough to be an early frontrunner and her book has been a pre-order best sell foreweeks. she told oprah that "going rogue, an american life" came from the first time she broke ranks with the mccain campaign t was this fox news interview in which she was asked about mccain's withdrawl from the state of michigan from the primaries where he was giving up. >> i fired off a quick e-mail and said, oh, come on, do we have to? do we have to call it there? todd and i would be happy to get to michigan and walk
6:35 pm
through the plants of the car manufacturers, we would be so happy to get to speak with the people there in michigan, who are hurting because the economy is hurting. i want to get back to michigan and i want to try. >> palin told oprah she was rebuked for overing to help in michigan and wanting mccain not to quit. i think, darn, i wish we weren't. every vote matters. can't wait to get back to michigan and then told afterwards, you screwed up. you went rogue on us, sarah, and thus, the title of the book "going rogue," which officially hits shelves tomorrow. palin describes top mccain aides as constantly worrying that she would go off script, but yet in another sign of how little palin thought of the mccain team and how many problems she felt the campaign had, the governor told oprah today that it was never clear to she and her team what the script was supposed to be in the first place and how they should stick to t bret. bret: carl, thank you. the obama administration cut more than 60,000 jobs from its total of positions created or saved by the stimulus. after determining that that
6:36 pm
they came from unrealistic data. a document from the office of management and budget details some of the rejected claims, such as one from talladega county, alabama that said 5,000 jobs had been created or saved from $42,000 in funds. despite assurances by the administration that the stimulus report had been triple checked, many of the jobs included in the administration's estimate of 640,000 effective jobs have been called into question in various media reports. president obama wants the fed ral government to get into the oversight business of the sub ways, and they will ask congress for authority to regulate every subway and light rail system in the country. the move comes in the wake of last summer's deadly metro crash here in washington. the president takes his lumps on climate change as his asian tour rolls on in china. we'll talk about it with the fox all-stars when we come back. can your body wash nourish this deeply?
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>> the power in the 21st century is no longer a zero sum game. one country's success need not come at the expense of another that. is why the united states insists we do not seek to contain china's rights. >> so many of the world's challenges cannot be involve solved unless the united states and chine work together. >> the president in china as we speak after a couple of days of meeting, he had a tough weekend when it came to policy. he met with world leaders at the apec summit yielding to political and economic realities saying a global climate change treaty will not be reached at copenhagen coming up and he is also talking about the economy on this trip. what about the president's trip to asia? let's bring in our panel, jeff birnbaum of "the washington times" and neen that easton of fortune magazine and syndicated columnist, charles krauthammer. jeff, your thoughts on the trip overall, i guess the climate change took us by
6:41 pm
surprise that all the leaders came together and said it's not going to happen. >> well, the collapse of the climate change talks for copenhagen starting december 7, that's been -- those talks have been a dead leter for a while. the developing country countries -- bret: but they were still pulling for it. there were still leaders pulling for it. >> there were some who said yes, we can, but, in fact, no, they couldn't, and the reason was that the u.s. and other developed countries wanted to set limits on carbon dioxide emissions that the developing countries like china and india were never going to agree to unless the developed countries gave them billions and billions of dollars to pay for new technology and renewable energy. they were just worlds apart, and so they were just acknowledging what a lot of climate experts knew, that copenhagen was just one step in the very long road to an international agreement to reduce global warming and greenhouse gas emissions.
6:42 pm
that also means that legislation on capitol hill, an agenda item for president obama is definitely off. we mentioned it earlier in the show, but without question, a lot of the movement on capitol hill, including even the passage of the climate legislation in the house was mostly meant for show to show that the international community that in copenhagen something can really be done because the u.s. was serious. all of that is off the table now. it's really off next year and even further down the road. bret: senator kerry making that announcement that they will still try next year, but it is a long-shot chance even at that. >> that's right. bret: nina, about the economics talk on this trip, did you take anything away from the summit or his statements over the weekend? >> i'm following up on the copenhagen thing. what surprises me about this -- or not surprising about this is how little has changed since the kyoto protocol was unanimously rejected by the senate more than a decade ago. you still have the problem of
6:43 pm
developing countries are don't want to give up economic growth, and the u.s. saying we will agree do binding commitments and the developing countries, particularly china saying look, promises maybe but we're not going to commit to anything, so we go over there and say look, we need to you work with us on this. we need to you work with us. we need to you to get better on human rights was the other thing we heard, but what is interesting is that the power dynamic has changed between these two countries, u.s. and china, largely because of economics. china is our banker. we are looking at $9 trillion in debt going out ten years. the main funder of that is china, and china is worried about our deficits, so what you're hearing, we heard this last summer and we're hearing this again, china is worry ared about our deficits and they're worried about our investments here and we think we will lecture them, but they
6:44 pm
think they have the power hand up on us. bret: charles, as we talked about earlier with brit, there was one image in japan that caught everyone's attention and that is when president obama bowed to the japanese emporer. there you see a still shot, and the bow, as he is shaking hands there. of course, back in april, there was a lot of attention on his bow to the saudi king, and there you see that. charles, your reaction to the bows. >> well, that was definitely a world class bow in tokyo. his poll gists would say it was protocol or politeness, but i have looked at pictures of other presidents, vice presidents, and others, and they haven't gone halfway to the emporer's toes on the bow. i have seen pictures of macarthur are hirohito and macarthur wasn't a president, although he thought he was, but there was a second incident that i thought was interest when the president
6:45 pm
declared himself the first pacific president. that's because presume bhi he grew up and spent some of his childhood in hawaii, and in indonesia and his mom took him on a visit to japan, although all he remembers of that, as he says, was the ice cream. the first pacific president? well, teddy roosevelt, he built the panama canal in order to make the united states a a pacific power and he did. william howard taft, his successor, was the governor of the philippines and john kennedy and george bush, sr. were in the pacific in the second world rar and spent some time in the pacific ocean itself. bush, after having been shot down from his airplane and kennedy after having his ship cut in half by a japanese patrol boat, so these people actually spend time in the pacific, but in obama's mind, it doesn't in any way match the experience of the baby jesus -- excuse me, the baby
6:46 pm
obama growing up on some pacific island. the narcissism of the man is rather unbounded. >> i would add to the list by the way the california president who opened china in 1972, richard nixon and our other california president -- and retired in san clemente. >> everything in obama's life makes him world historical. bret: charles is fired up tonight. the president is also being criticized for the decision to bring 9/11 suspects to criminal court in the u.s. that is coming up after the break.
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>> you will hear opponents of this amendment say it will give all kinds of rights to terrorist masterminds like
6:50 pm
khalid sheik mohammed. i want to repeat that is not true. the irony of the underlying bill as it's writ subpoena that someone like khalid sheik mohammed is going to get basically a full military trial with all the bells and whistles. he will have counsel. he will be able to present evidence. he will be able to rebut the government's case, because the feeling is that he is guilty of a war crime and to do otherwise might violate some of our agreements under the geneva convention. i think that's good that we're going to provide him with some procedure and process. i think we will convict him and i think he will be brought to justice. bret: well, that's senator obama back in september of 2006, supporting the legislation that set up the military commissions that legalized the military commissions. that was the standard that these 9/11 sus suspects with going to be tried in, the military trials, however, the
6:51 pm
military general announcing last week they will be brought to trial to face trial in u.s. civilian court. we back with the panel. charles. >> obama made a logical case. what is so hard to understand is holder's argument, the logic of his argument. now, i want to look only at a single aspect of it. he was asked if he opposed the military commission's on principle and he could say his decision on khalid sheik mohammed was wrong, but it at least it is logical, but he doesn't. on the day he said k.s.m. to a civilian trial in new york that he announced he had sent five of the misceentses who attacked the cole, a warship to a military trial in guantanomo or perhaps elsewhere. what is the logic if he was coherent, which is only to a small extent, and he said well, if you attack a civilian target, then you go to a civilian court. the pentagon was hit on 9/11,
6:52 pm
so it wasn't exclusively a civilian attack. perhaps he forgot about that. if it wasn't a civilian attack exclusively, which is worse, attacking deeses defensively civilians or attacking a warship? we have attacked warships in our tris try, japan and germany, that is an accepted act of war. why does khalid sheik mohammed who attacked civilians, the more obvious and egregious war crime get the extra constitutional niceties that you get in a civilian courtroom as opposed to someone who attacks a military target? the lodge irk here is perverse and the if you are a terrorist, will you attack a civilian target or defense target, i will hit a civilian, because then i will get miranda rights and a blog. why would they not attack
6:53 pm
innocent civilians? it makes no sense whatsoever. >> to some extent, they seem like -- the administration seems like it is a political decision, and that this for them is a get-tough message, that we're going to show that we can convict somebody fairly in our court of law and get tough on these terrorists, which is surprising when you think about what is likely to happen with all these extra constitutional protections you talk about, it's likely to become a circus, as those who have worked around khalid sheik mohammed say. i mean, this guy is a grand grandstander, showboater, huge ego. he will use this as an opportunity to, you know, to speak to jihadists around the world, and continue his war against america in a courtroom. >> bret: on the other issue, jeff, you have the governor of illinois, pat quinn coming out today saying bring the gitmo detainees to illinois, some lawmakers backing him up
6:54 pm
saying we will take the extra money we get and the extra jobs it creates. obviously some illinois lawmakers don't feel that way. >> some don't but one who does is dick durbin, who is number two senator in the senate among democrats, and so security is a very important issue here. new yorkers feel like they are being put under extra danger by having khalid sheik mohammed and his cohorts coming there. sending them to rural illinois along with other detainees seems like a good idea but it's not one that is being obviously pursued. in fact, it's fair to say that this entire decision about new york and the courts and the detainees may be one of the biggest scandals of the obama administration, right up there with healthcare and his still unmade decision about troop levels in afghanistan. how big of a circus it becomes
6:55 pm
in new york, whether there is a security breach in new york, and most importantly, the outcome that is khalid sheik mohammed and the others convicted and sent away for maybe a long time or even sent to the death penalty, that will be a very consequential political outcome for the president and if it doesn't come out the way the president wants it to, it could be real political damage for him and his party. bret: quickly, charles, no one talking about this weekend could answer the question if by technicality or hung jury one of these cases went the other way, would they be let loose, and everyone said no, but they wouldn't say how that would happen. >> they will be rearrested in the courtroom, a second charge will be filed and it will be endless, and in the end, if they are acquitted on all charges endlessly, they will end up in indefinite detention. we will not let them out. everyone knows that. that's what makes it such a
6:56 pm
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...cuz i'm a, bye! anncr: accidents are bad. anncr: but geico's good. with emergency road service. ding! bret: finally tonight, would have shown you many times how the administration is still trying to sell the stimulus package. despite rising unemployment numbers and their own senior economic officials saying the stimulus has basically already done all it can do. well, it appears since the president is travelling overseas the vice president is giving it another shot from the oval office. >> stimulus is working. now, i know that might be tough to swallow if you are unemployed but, look at me. [ laughter ] the stimulus is working. right now there are thousands of new jobs being created every day across america. foreclosure lawyers and reap poo
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